Zertona Tri-Armour Full Protection Coating

Zertona Tri-Armour Full Protection Coating @ $688 Safra Member $888 For Non Member (Duration 8hrs)

* Tri-Armour includes Zertona Armour Painting Protection, Windscreen & Alloy Wheel Rim Coatings.

a) With Zertona Armour Coating, there is no need to wax your vehicle again. The showroom like shine is achieve every time with simple wash & dry (wash at least once a week). Unlike other products, no top ups or monthly conserves are required are required for at least 2 years.

Protect against - UV oxidisation that degrade paintwork, acid rains, road grime that may cause surface corrosion, oil spillages, road tar, bird limes etc.

b) Zertona Alloy Rim Coating is liquid quartz coating that keep your alloys look like new. It creates a surface that is tough, durable and easy to clean. Coating able to last up to 2 years.

c) Water beading glass for safer driving. By applying Zertona Windscreen Coating, raindrops simply bead and roll off the windscreens. Whilst driving this often need the use of windscreen wipers. Dangerous water sheeting also substantially reduced. 

Usually a coat last for 3-4 months.

  • Premium car wash
  • Detailed interior vacuum
  • Clean windscreens
  • Clean interior panels
  • Leather care (leader seats only)
  • Claybar treatment
  • Surface impurities removal
  • Fineline, sure marks, stain & water marks removal
  • Application of Zertona Coating to body, headlinght & Taillight
  • Application of Zertona glass coating to windscreen & windows
  • Application of Zertona Diamond hard coating to all rims
  • Tyre shine


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