Zertona Alloy Rim Coating & Windscreen Coating

Zertona Alloy Rim Coating @ $100 Safra member $130 for non member (Duration 45-60 mins)

Zertona Alloy Rim Coating is liquid quartz coating that keep your alloys look like new. It creates a surface that is tough, durable and easy to clean. Coating able to last up to 2 years.

Zertona Alloy Rim coating will prevent:

 Hot brake dust pitting on alloy surface

 Oil stains, tar from sticking

Contamination of general road grime

No More usage of chemical attack on alloy surface by using corrosive cleaning fluids

Zertona Windscreen Coating @ $90 Safra member $120 for non member (Duration 45-60 mins)

Water beading glass for safer driving. By applying Zertona Windscreen Coating, raindrops simply bead and roll off the windscreens. Whilst driving this often need the use of windscreen wipers. Dangerous water sheeting also substantially reduced. 
Usually a coat last for 3-4 months.

* If order both Zertona Alloy Rim and Windscreen coatings, special price @ $160 for Safra Members.


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